About us

Having worked intensively in the South Florida Market, our team has managed to gain a position of excellence in the public preferences, locally and internationally. In our organization we are proud to have professional levels of expertise in the areas of ongoing business brokerage, franchising, commercial and residential properties. All our associates are fully bilingual in Spanish and English, are licensed in real estate in the state of Florida, and are active members of the Association of Realtors™ and of the Association of Business Brokers of Florida.

Contact us and get the nice feeling of being in the hands of experts who are fully aware of the importance that it has for you to place your investment resources in the Florida Market.

Our Team

diana-espinoDiana M. Espino, She is a Partner of XL Business Brokers; member of the Association of Business Brokers of Florida (BBF) and of the Realtors® Association of Miami-Dade. She is an experienced Investment and Commercial banking executive. Her carrer was developed at multinational institutions, namely, Citibank, Bank of America and Banco Santander. She holds a Civil Engineer degree from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (Caracas-Venezuela) and an MBA from IESA (Caracas-Venezuela), in both achieving the first place of her class. She was Director of Banco de Venezuela, President of the Venezuelan Finance Executives, and Director of The Venezuelan Cancer Society.

alfredo-gonzalezAlfredo Gonzalez Amaré  economist graduated “summa cum laude” at the University of the Pacific, California; he attended studies at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas. Is a lawyer graduated from the Universidad Santa Maria in Caracas and business broker licensed in the State of Florida. He was Superintendent of Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer (SIEX) of Venezuela; President and Founder of the Banco de Comercio Exterior de Venezuela; Executive secretary of the Brazil-Venezuela Business Council; Vice president of the Chamber of Commerce Venezuelan-American of the United States; Director of the Association of Bi-National Chambers (ABICC); Vice President of the Chamber of Venezuelan-Colombian Economic Integration and President and founder of the American Chamber Center. Associate and Ex President of the VR Business Brokers de Coral Gables, Florida (until Sep. 2013). He is currently managing director of Business in Florida and is an active member of the Association of Business Brokers of Florida (BBF).  As business broker has been awarded the Diamond Award VR and the Hall of Fame Member granting VR Business Sales-Mergers and Acquisitions and has received several honorable mentions awarded by the Association of Business Brokers of Florida.

Alejandra Barrera is a person worth knowing. Although Alejandra belongs to the Millennia generation, she exhibits a maturity that qualifies her to perform comfortably not only in her peers’ circles but also in the most demanding business environments. Alejandra was born in California and moved to Florida at a very young age. Her gracious personality and her acute social sensitivity emerged in her as the logical result of the careful training she received in a family of proud Salvadoran descent.
When Alejandra began her studies at Florida International University, the business flame that led her to start a business of making and selling homemade desserts to restaurants was ignited. In addition to providing her an interesting income, the experience helped her to understand many of the universal principles that support the entrepreneurial activity.
Nowadays, already graduated with a degree in international relations and marketing, Alejandra has directed her action to the field of business brokerage in South Florida. As an associate of XL Business Brokers, she manages daily the requests of foreign entrepreneurs who wish to invest and live in the State of the Sun.
In a brilliant performance that began in 2014, Alejandra has intermediated numerous sales of ongoing businesses such as service stations, laundries, restaurants, hairdressers, transportation and service companies, to name but a few.
In our team we are convinced that a brilliant professional future is waiting for Alejandra, marked by a long chain of successes.

 Richard-Amundsen-150x150Richard Amundsen is a man of great class. With his penchant for travel, Richard has cultural experiences that have forged his personality. His academic formation was in the United States and Europe, he has a natural inclination for creativity, so it pushes Richard to the world of advertising. As a director and president of the Hispanic Market he was dedicated for more tan 25 years to strategic marketing, advertising and sales to mass media. His customers include Coca Cola USA, Reynolds Tobacco and Schlitz Brewing among others clients in the select club of Fortune-500. Currently, he is our business brojers and specialist in real state of our company. He is fluent in Spanish, French and English.

Martín Melich Petersen, has decided to join our group and contribute with his knowledge to the strengthening of our portfolio of services. Martin holds a licensure in Real Estate in the State of Florida and is an active member of the Association of Business Brokers of Florida (BBF) and the Orlando Realtors Association.
In his academic record, it appears that he has a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from the University of Texas, mention Economy and Management; is a lawyer graduated in the School of Law of the Catholic University Andrés Bello, with Postgraduate studies in Financial Law of the same University. During his fruitful professional career, Martin has occupied positions of special relevance in the areas of law and finance. As a partner attorney at Melich, Pérez Luciani & Asociados of Caracas he has advised important entities of the Consorcio Contrina de Venezuela, consisting of Brown & Root, Parsons, Technip, Proyecta and Dit Harris; The Petrozuata Project and the Vehop Project. He was part of Inversiones CRECEPYMES, C.A., a company listed on the Caracas Stock Exchange which provides capital for small and medium-sized companies. The expert advice of this charismatic specialist in business and real estate will be a valuable contribution for anyone who wants to invest or live in Orlando and its surroundings.

JUAN-CARLOSA-BERNA;Juan Carlos Bernal is our webmaster, consultant in graphic design and management of the website and social networks. Juan Carlos holds a degree in Graphic Design and Computer Science at Miami Dade College. He has been an instructor at the College of Business and Technology in Fort Lauderdale and has advised several local businesses. Currently he serves as managing director of TechDesignMiami.com and websmiami.com. Juan Carlos was born in Bogotá, Colombia and lives in Miami since 1999.