Sell Your Business

Once you decide that selling your business is the right exit strategy for you, be sure that you cover all your bases!!!
XL Business Brokers offers you an experienced and highly qualified group of professionals that will help free up time for you to keep the business up and running, while keeping the sale quiet and get the highest price reaching the biggest possible buyers pool.

Steps to Sell your Business Free Consultation Why use a Business Broker

If your business is located in the state of Florida and you want to sell it, we will gladly appraise it, and have it placed on the market on advantageous terms. Working with an experienced firm substantially increases the likelihood of selling your business in less time and the best prices in the market.

Moreover, by following the recommended steps is achieved at closing a transaction transparent to both the seller and the buyer. Our professional assistance will give you peace of being backed by a team with long experience in the brokerage business.

Once you have the full conviction that want to sell your business you must move the following steps to close a successful operation:

  • Hire an experienced business broker.
  • Value your business.
  • Update the books and operating permits.
  • Repair damaged equipment and furniture.
  • Put your business in the market.
  • Negotiate with potential buyers.
  • Signed a letter of intent with the proposed purchaser.
  • Work with the Buyer during the evaluation process of the books, lease, operating permits, portfolio of customers and suppliers, is available to answer any questions.
  • Structure and complete all necessary documentation to close the purchase and sale, especially the assignment of the Lease.
  • Sign the Contract of Purchase and Sale.